The populations of Mvi’i, Nguet, Nkan, three villages a little bit forgotten welcome with joy the arrival in their locality of the initiative of Health at reduced cost which came to light a glimmer of hope in a long night.

Lost in the middle of the equatorial forest somewhere on a bad road where the main means of locomotion is the motorcycle and served only by a nurse who resides in Ngoulessaman, the populations of the villages Mvi’i, Nguet and Nkan welcomed with relief the arrival of the caravan led by Joseph Mfou’ou Samba, head of the Health axis at The Belinga Foundation.

The Sikolo ane Mfi initiative is slowly and surely making its way, spreading the good gospel of the new approach to education that associates parents, teachers and administrators. But especially a new approach that wants to unearth talents and values from the lower cycles of education in order to ensure a better future for said talents,and so for the entire community, according to the multiplier effect philosophy.

This Wednesday, March 26, 2023, the low-cost health care campaign initiated by The Belinga Foundation will be on its third day.

Launched at the beginning of the year in the midst of doubts and hesitation, the Health Zero initiative continues to move forward and after the populations of Nnemeyong I and Nnemeyong III, it is now the turn of the populations of the village of Mvi’i and the surrounding villages to benefit from the reduced cost health care offer.






Admitted last Monday, March 6 at the Ebolowa reference hospital to undergo a reconstructive surgery funded by a donation campaign led by The Belinga Foundation, Junior Akoulou, 13 years old is doing like a charm.

It is a great relief for all the team of The Belinga Foundation, the operation of young Junior, paralyzed of the right arm after being burned went well.
The young boy, accompanied throughout the process by two members of the staff of the foundation, namely Mr. Joseph Mfou’ou Samba and Rostand Ntonga not to mention, returned to the family home the day after his operation.




Let’s finish our tour of the most valuable ladies the The Belinga Foundation’s universe with the one who, in more than one respect, is perhaps the most representative of the woman who has understood and identified all the stakes,

For the vice founder of The Belinga Foundation, addressing her sisters of Mengong in particular and of Africa in general, “the future of Africa lies in the hands of rural women”

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WOMEN’S DAY SPECIAL EDITION : Solange Abossolo washed under the harness of Health


If the  “Health Zero Initiative ” is today one of the flagship projects of The Belinga Foundation, it is also thanks to its unfailing partners, including Solange Abossolo, the owner of the Solobis clinic, an exceptional woman who deserves her place in our hitlist of the most valuable women of The Belinga Foundation.

Funded in March 2022 by The Belinga Foundation as part of its SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT grants, Kono Roselyne is undoubtedly an illustration of the multiplier effect vision carried by this organization.

For most young girls, the mere idea of farming as a profession is off-putting,

Let’s continue our presentation of these female faces without whom the implementation of The Belinga Foundation might not be as successful by talking about Loique Nka Ebale, one of the 5 women on the staff of The Belinga Foundation and manager of the art exhibition that took place on July 24 in Mengong.

Focus on the district delegate of social affairs of Mengong, a lady who has distinguished herself by her unwavering support to the schooling of orphans, children living with disabilities and children of people living with disabilities.

Quite unexpected to talk about a person…

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