#Biasomengong2023 Festival Diary, Friday, July 21, 2023, Day 7 Traditional dance, Mengane de Mengong, once again.

Once again, the Mengane traditional dance group from Mengong came out on top in the traditional dance competition, which was the highlight of Friday’s activities.

The day began with soccer, which was finally back in the spotlight. There were 4 matches on the program, with FC 2-0 de Mengong beating Génie FC d’Essessana 9-0, but the main attraction of the day was the traditional dance competition.
On the exhibition side, the stands are as busy as ever, with the stand of young Mebenga Prosper, who has set up his distillery right in the middle of the festival village, attracting as many visitors as ever.

In our wanderings, we come across Badal Fomoh, a blogger who has come to cover the festival as part of the partnership between The Belinga Foundation, organizer of the festival, and the Cameroon Bloggers Association (ABC). Like the rest of us, she’s killing time waiting for the highlight of the evening, the traditional dance competition.

It’s 5 p.m. when, as a warm-up, the different groups launch their songs accompanied by tam-tam and drums. It seemed as if each group was trying to intimidate the other.
It’s 6.30 p.m. on the dot when the jury, chaired by Mr Ango, coordinator of cultural activities in the Mengong district, launches the competition.
On the starting line, 8 dance groups are graded on their dress, the harmony of their choreography, the way they play their instruments, the level of their singing and the originality of their work.

Each group is given 5 minutes to perform. And like last year, Mengane from Mengong came out on top, just ahead of Femme Dynamique from Doungou.
No sooner had the dancers cleared the stage than the other artists took over.

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