Mireille Gracia Belinga co-founder of The Belinga Foundation: “The future of Africa lies in the hands of rural women”

Let’s finish our tour of the most valuable ladies the The Belinga Foundation’s universe with the one who, in more than one respect, is perhaps the most representative of the woman who has understood and identified all the stakes, Mireille Gracia Belinga, artist, journalist, entrepreneur, wife, mother and especially vice founder of The Belinga Foundation.

For the vice founder of The Belinga Foundation, addressing her sisters of Mengong in particular and of Africa in general, “the future of Africa lies in the hands of rural women”, rural women whose sense of responsibility and dynamism she praises.

She recognizes the central role so often ignored of these women by declaring: “Thanks to you, we have agriculture, we have a diversified gastronomy, health, the CIGs, sculpture, basketry”. The emphasis is also put on their determining role in education “Do not forget that it is you who take care, feed the man, the child and the community”. All things that lead the owner of the gallery Akib’art to conclude “The future of Africa lies in the hands of rural women”.

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