Solange Abossolo washed under the harness of Health.

If the  “Health Zero Initiative ” is today one of the flagship projects of The Belinga Foundation, it is also thanks to its unfailing partners, including Solange Abossolo, the owner of the Solobis clinic, an exceptional woman who deserves her place in our hitlist of the most valuable women of The Belinga Foundation universe.

Is it a coincidence that today she has become one of the major partners of Thé Belinga Foundation in the health sector? Not so much. In the locality of Mengong, she who is known by all as “Mrs. Mabaly and especially her clinic Solobis are known as the white wolf.

A retired laboratory technician, Solange Abossolo has almost become a piece of furniture in the district of Mengong, where she was born. Difficult to find a family where she is not known, it is that in a way or another, at a certain time, almost all passed between her hands, either when she officiated at the district hospital of Mengong or in her clinic called Solobis

Minor surgery, pediatrics, post and prenatal consultations, vaccination, and especially since almost two years, partner of The Belinga Foundation, the Solobis clinic is today a strong link in the chain of health in the district of Mengong and its founder justifies it in these terms “the initiative to create this center is to offer proximity care to the population of Mengong”. A philosophy that obviously echoes the vision of community health promoted by The Belinga Foundation

Speaking about her partnership with The Belinga Foundation, Mrs. Mabaly confides: “When we started with the Belinga Foundation initiative, we thought it was a joke or an amusement, but after many meetings and many achievements, we found ourselves in front of an ambitious and realistic organization, which even encourages us to work and pushes us to achieve the objectives of our personal work that we have set.

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