Kono Roselyne, young, farmer and proud of it.

Funded in March 2022 by The Belinga Foundation as part of its SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT grants, Kono Roselyne is undoubtedly an illustration of the multiplier effect vision carried by this organization

For most young girls, the mere idea of farming as a profession is off-putting, especially when you are a graduate and not physically challenged. Those who do, do so only reluctantly and with the hope of “something better”.

Well, “Bouquet” as she is affectionately called by everyone in her village is not one of them. At only 35 years old, solidly involved in agriculture for almost 15 years, she alternates speculations for the greatest happiness of her husband, himself a cocoa farmer, and of her four children. Along with the subsistence farming common to the entire region, Roselyne is a true American-style farmer.

Corn, tomatoes, rice, poultry and pork, Roselyne does not shy away from any challenge. And we can say that she reaps the fruits of her labor. Indeed, it is hard to believe that she lives in the village, a place often synonymous with misery and malaise.

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