The Belinga Foundation’s first edition of the agricultural training course comes to a close

It was a big crowd that was gathered at the public school of Endam last Friday, August 26 for the closing ceremony of the month-long vacation course offered to young learners from the villages of Doungou, Endam I and Etondo by The Belinga Foundation.


The course is part of the overall vision of education and development of #TheBelingaFoundation which is to instill a new dynamic through quality education focused on both the theoretical modules of the classic school and the acquisition of skills and practical knowledge directly usable by the learner. And by this we aimed at two main objectives which are to occupy the children in a useful way during the vacations and to give them an adequate agricultural training, without speaking about the fact of giving a helping hand to the children resulting from the poor families by financing in part or entirely their studies.

The training course.

The training course, led by Mr. Emmanuel Deschanel Eto’o, head of the sustainable development axis at The Belinga Foundation, lasted from July 11 to August 26, 2022 at a rate of two (02) working days per week and brought together twenty (20) trainees. On the program, clearing and cleaning of agricultural areas, drilling, staking, planting. In the end, the trainees were involved in the production of no less than four crops, including corn, tomato, plantain and cocoa.


At the end of this month of training, in addition to the usual certificates of end of training, the young learners were offered many prizes among which school scholarships.

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