Day 5 of the Health Zero Initiative campaign,Emanevam prelude to future opening.

The Health Zero Initiative continues to go from strength to strength, with 5 campaigns under its belt.


This time, it was the people of the Emanevam sector (including the villages of Emmanevam, Doungou, Etondo, Endam I, Endam II, Nkolebengue and Mvangue) who benefited from the care provided by the Health Zero Initiative teams.

A total of 91 patients were treated, 76 with modern medicine and 15 with traditional medicine. This brings the total number of patients treated since the initiative began to over 500. A far from negligible figure in these areas, where until now, people have tended to resort to self-medication. It’s clear that The Belinga Foundation has found the right formula to bring patients and caregivers closer together.


Among the many highlights of the day’s campaign were
– The large-scale deployment of the area’s traditional chiefs, grouped around the FALE 1 paramount chief.

– The strong presence of people from the village of Evelessii, in the neighboring district of Sangmelima. This presence is an indication that demand is high. As a result, the initiative will soon extend beyond the boundaries of the Mengong district to the surrounding districts.

As always, the day ended with an evaluation meeting. A date has been set for June 28 in Nkoleteto, for the 6th run, with the aim of achieving even more than Emanevam, why not surpassing the symbolic mark of 150 patients treated in a single day?

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