32nd Day of the African Child, The Belinga Foundation and the Ministry of Social Affairs hand in hand.

Perfect symbiosis between the foundation and the Ministry of Social Affairs, mainly the delegate of the district of Mengong, for a useful day of the African child.

On the occasion of the 32nd International Day of the African Child, the district delegate of social affairs, Ms. Sarah NKoum, organized a series of activities in collaboration with The Belinga Foundation.

On the program, an awareness campaign for high school and secondary schools students of the district on :

-The responsible use of social networks by children and youth

– The fight against emerging social evils

– Moral and civic rearmament of young people

– Inclusive education, quality education for all children.

The Day of the African Child is celebrated on June 16 every year since 1991.
It marks the memory of the 1976 massacre in Soweto, South Africa, of African schoolchildren marching for their rights by the apartheid regime. It is celebrated each year around a theme and this year’s theme is “Protecting every child from violence, neglect and abuse”.

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