Full mobilization for Flavienne Eve’e Owono.

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The Belinga Foundation’s teams are on the alert to provide Flavienne Eve’e Owono, aged 4, with adequate care as soon as possible. She has a tumor on her right buttock, the nature of which has yet to be determined.

click here to see the uncensored photos

This is currently one of the major projects of The Belinga Foundation in its social component. Flavienne Eve’e Owono, a 4 year old girl who has a tumor on her right buttock. According to her medical records and photos that were presented to the teams of The Belinga Foundation, she has been suffering from a tumor on her right buttock for over a year. Initial medical examinations refer to it as a “solid non-oozing mass” or “tumor mass” and emphasize the need for further medical examination.

Considering the limited financial capacity of her parents, arrangements, including a fundraising campaign, are being made by The Belinga Foundation so that she can quickly undergo further examinations and then benefit from the appropriate care.click here to see the uncensored photos

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