Bia So Mengong 2023: Focus on local tourism.

Between the ascent of the Doumi Rock, a well-known tourist site in the district, and the preparation of other excursions, in addition to culture and art, the Bia So Mengong festival opens this year a showcase for local tourism.

Designed to be a booster of the circular economy model dear to The Belinga Foundation, the Bia So Mengong festival which in its last year’s edition already brought together activities related to four of the five axes of action of the foundation namely arts, culture, health and education will know this year its baptism of fire for what is the axis of sustainable development through the development of tourism or rather ecotourism. Thus, the festival-goers, in addition to the activities already present last year will also attend the ascent of the Doumi Rock and especially will be given the opportunity to participate in tourist tours.

The Doumi Rock in the spotlight.

First on the list, the Doumi Rock, perched at over 1000 meters above sea level, a tourist attraction somewhat neglected Mengong.
It will be honored on the occasion of an ascent sponsored by Captain Jean Patrick Mbang Eto a loyal partner of The Belinga Foundation. A team of The Belinga Foundation led by the focal point Joseph Mfou’ou Samba has already visited the site to make it viable and assess the challenges that must be met in order to have a beautiful climb.

Discovering the tourist potential of the district.

So far, tourism is not strictly speaking part of the way of life here. However, there are many tourist sites but they are neglected for lack of professionals to develop them.
That is why, in keeping with its philosophy of putting local know-how at the service of the community, The Belinga Foundation is about to finalize a partnership with Dr. Carène Mendoua, a tourism expert from the district, with the objective of creating excursions to the district’s tourist sites.
The ultimate goal is to insert the Mengong destination into the professional circuits, which will inevitably have beneficial effects on the local economy and crafts.


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