Health Zero Initiative: 92 patients treated on campaign day #4

A large crowd of people came to the Loum health center on Tuesday, April 25, where the Health Zero Initiative, now in its fourth day, made a stopover.

The Belinga Foundation’s low-cost health initiative is really becoming a major health event for the people of the Mengong district. From now on, wherever it goes, the populations flock massively.

This was the case this tuesday, April 25 in the health sector of Loum where the populations, as traditionally, benefited from a whole day of care. We can see that as he had announced, Mr. Ngono Thierry, head of the health area of Loum has really played his part to mobilize the maximum of patients.

78 patients in the modern health sector and 14 patients in the traditional medicine sector, that is to say a total of 92 patients were treated by the professionals gathered by The Belinga Foundation in the premises of the integrated health center of Loum, which was chosen in order to improve the technical platform.
This is a very positive result of the Zero Health Initiative which, in four visits, has provided care to more than 300 patients.

It should be noted that thanks to this deployment of April 25, the case of young Nyangon Brenda, 19 years old and mother of 2 children who suffers from what is probably a tumor in her left breast since 2019, has been decelerated. As of today, arrangements are being made for her to receive the best possible care.

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