SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Plantations Aben Mercedes the new economic engine of the villages , Dou,gou, Endam I, and Etondo.


With the beginning of the hoeing and fertilizing of corn and the tomato harvest, Aben Mercedes Plantations, one of the major partners of The Belinga Foundation, has just hired five new employees positioning itself as one of te first local employer in the villages in Endam I, Doungou and Etondo.


Located in the village of Endam I and spread over a total of nearly 5.5 hectares divided into 11 plots reserved for agricultural crops as diverse as corn, macabo, watermelon, banana plantain, tomato or cassava; the Aben Mercedes plantations are a materialization of the vision advocated by The Belinga Foundation in the field of sustainable development.

They have now hired 6 full-time employees. Mvogo Yannick, Aka’a Samson Steve, Haùadou Hamadou Dieudonné, Bindjeme Elvis, Engolo Jacques Julio, Ndongo Carson, are all young people under 35 years of age recruited in the villages of Doungou, Endam I and Etondo. Their main tasks will be to carry out the sowing of maize plots and the maintenance of cassava and plantain plots.

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