SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT :The Belinga Foundation helps a CIG land a big contract

As part of its vision of the multiplier effect and in line with its stated desire to be a catalyst for development, The Belinga Foundation has helped the CIG of the village of Ngomesane II get funding for the construction of a shed to be used to store dehulled and crushed corn. This is a major stepping stone towards the local production of corn feed !

This action is in line with the new working paradigm of The Belinga Foundation which has decided to support the most deserving CIGs in its portfolio. This is a logical continuation of the funding that is the assistance to the sale and operational research

Financed last March by The Belinga Foundation as part of the annual activity of the foundation’s SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT axis, the Ngomessane II CIG is involved in corn production.  In its first year, the CIG managed to put into operation two hectares of maize for an estimated production of two tons (double its own previous estimates). Already having a shelling machine and a crushing machine offered by the Ministry of Agriculture of Cameroon, the CIG expressed the wish to launch into the production of maize flour. To do so, it needed a shed to store its production.

The financing, subject of a contract in due form between the Sangulu Elric Pig Farm and the CIG, of which The Belinga foundation is the sponsor, is built on the model of a loan lease, with the pig farm offering the financing of the shed in exchange for a reimbursement in kind and at preferential prices on the various products of the CIG.

The value of the funding: 500,000 FCFA ($750).

During the official signing ceremony wich took place yesterday september 30th at the local government office, a certified witness and partner, his Majesty Angon Abiaya’a, Chief Delegate of the CIG Ngomessane II expressed his deepest thanks for the help from the foundation. On the other hand, the representative from the Sañgulu Elric Pig Farm stated the benefits of buying and consuming local.

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