HEALTH : September’s monthly meeting on health held today.


Monthly meeting for the month of September of the actors of HEALTH sectorin the district of Mengong at the small local office of The Belinga Foundation this Friday, September 9, 2022



The ACTORS of the HEALTH sector of the Mengong district met this Friday at local office of The Belinga Foundation. On the menu of the exchanges which lasted three hours, between the representatives of the different segments of medicine (traditional medicine, conventional medicine) and the person in charge of the HEALTH axis at The Belinga Foundation, Mr. Mfou’ou Samba Joseph. The objectives of the meeting were

1- adressing the goals for the HEALTH sectors as they pertained to the various participantss.

2 – The constitution of a Register of the sick on statistical analysis.

3 -The evaluation of the HEALTH coverage during the 16 days of the Bia So Mengong Festival.


A total of 10 HEALTH professionals responded to the Foundation’s call. All of them expressed their satisfaction with the involvement and support of the foundation. On his side, the person in charge of the HEALTH axis of the foundation congratulated the different practitioners for the quality of the results obtained so far and assured them once again of the support of the foundation.

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