Final stretch to Bia So Mengong 2023.

With 45 days to go before the start of the festival, preparations are gathering pace, particularly in the communications and logistics sectors.

On the communications front, after the press kit and marketing folder, which began to be distributed at the beginning of May, the radio and TV spots were unveiled this week. Broadcasting on a network of community, regional and national radio stations and several TV channels has begun. The visuals for the billboards were also unveiled.

Another part of the communication process is the distribution of letters and invitations to VIPs and potential partners. Teams from The Belinga Foundation are successfully distributing nearly 300 letters to VIPs throughout Cameroon.

On the logistical side, orders for materials to build the hangars have been placed with local craftsmen. These included laths, poles and, above all, raffia mats to cover the sheds.

In addition, the heads of the various local organization teams have been appointed. For The Belinga Foundation, the festival organizers, the aim is to involve local human resources even more in the organization of the festival.

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