Loique Ebale: “We are no longer in the days when people said that women should stay in the kitchen”.

Let’s continue our presentation of these female faces without whom the implementation of The Belinga Foundation might not be as successful by talking about Loique Nka Ebale, one of the 5 women on the staff of The Belinga Foundation and manager of the art exhibition that took place on July 24 in Mengong.
At the center of The Belinga Foundation’s vision in terms of arts and culture, the Bia So Mengong Festival. And at the heart of this festival, the Art exhibition. And at the heart of this exhibition Loique Nka Ebale, affectionately called Jackie by the entire team of the Foundation, who had to deliver the opening speech of the exhibition.

She readily admits, “It is a source of personal pride” to have had to implement this wonderful exhibition which in the end will have allowed to highlight all the creative genius of the district of Mengong.
When asked how she felt about having succeeded in the challenge of organizing such a perfect exhibition, she answered “The woman of today is the one who knows how to bring, as small as it is, her stone in the great challenges that are offered to her.

The highlight of this event was for Jackie the speech she gave to the flowery crowd of guests, among whom were luminaries such as Professor Bingono Bingono, to name but one. An unforgettable moment for “Jackie” who, when asked about her state of mind at that moment, confided: “A little apprehensive at the beginning, but afterwards one ends up feeling at ease.

Jackie is undoubtedly a strong woman and a sure value on which the Arts and Culture can count on

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