Sarah Nkoum, the good fairy for orphans and vulnerable children.

Focus on the district delegate of social affairs of Mengong, a lady who has distinguished herself by her unwavering support to the schooling of orphans, children living with disabilities and children of people living with disabilities.

Quite unexpected to talk about a person who in fact is in charge of social affairs in the field of education? Not really. If it is true that the link is not very often established between these two areas of social life that contribute to the elevation of the human being, the action of Ms. Nkoum allows us to understand that a synergistic action of the two is more than beneficial.
Trained as a lawyer, Sarah Nkoum holds a master’s degree in public law and is married with six children. It was as head of the social action department at the Ebolowa court of first instance, where she served from 2012 to 2017, that she first came into contact with minors in difficulty. In November 2020, she arrived in Mengong as head of the social center.
Very involved in improving the living conditions of people living with disabilities and other vulnerable people, she has made schooling and even training of all these people her battle horse.


For example, thanks to her action, for the 2021-2022 school year, 39 vulnerable children have benefited from school placements, and 12 idle teenagers have been able to benefit from training in various fields.
Moreover, Sarah’s action is not limited to schooling these vulnerable children. Often, and this as she herself underlines, thanks to the support of The Belinga Foundation, she offers food support to these children.

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