Total success for the surgery of young Junior Akoulou.

Admitted last Monday, March 6 at the Ebolowa reference hospital to undergo a reconstructive surgery funded by a donation campaign led by The Belinga Foundation, Junior Akoulou, 13 years old is doing like a charm.

It is a great relief for all the team of The Belinga Foundation, the operation of young Junior, paralyzed of the right arm after being burned went well.
The young boy, accompanied throughout the process by two members of the staff of the foundation, namely Mr. Joseph Mfou’ou Samba and Rostand Ntonga not to mention, returned to the family home the day after his operation.

According to Dr. Bella Messomo, head doctor of the district medical center who was asked to ensure the postoperative follow-up, Junior is recovering and healing well and will soon be able to start the rehabilitation phase.

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