Health zero initiative : Preparing for Ebolebola

Health zero initiative : Preparing for Ebolebola

Preparatory activities for the third descent of the Health Zero initiative for this 2023/2024 Season, scheduled for Wednesday, December 27 have begun. The various teams set up by The Belinga Foundation are hard at work sorting out all the details to ensure that the descent is another success.

Thus, Marina, Manuel, Raïssa and Yvan, the volunteers who form the awareness team, have been on the deck since last Tuesday. Placing posters, door to door campagnes, radio announcements and reading in churches, markets and other gathering places, are the different means used to mobilize as many patients as possible. On the caregiver side, premarations are also going on, notably by replenishing drug stocks and evaluating previous trips during weekly meetings. The goal is to identify bottlenecks and find the best ways to address them.

For this second exercise, the Health Zero initiative after two raids in Abiete Yekombo and Nnemeyong III, has treated more than 150 patients with both modern and traditional medicine.

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