“Evening in the village”: On the road to Nguet.

“Evening in the village”: On the road to Nguet.

The “Evening in the village” initiative carries on its journey, and will be in Nguet this Saturday, February 10.

The trip takes in the villages of the Yembong clan in the Mvi’i Nord sector. The villages in question are Nguet, Ando’o, Ato’oveng 1 and 2, Mboabang 1 and 2.

In the run-up to the trip, awareness-raising activities are in full swing. In addition to putting up posters and going door-to-door, special emphasis is being placed on radio promotion. This promotion is being carried out on the two main radio stations in the district: Radio communautaire Nkul Ayong and the regional station of the cameroon radio an dtelevivion corporation (CRTV). This includes radio broadcasts and reports on previous events.

In the participating villages, preparations are underway under the supervision of traditional chiefs Their Majesties Bitoua Jeanne of Ato’oveng 1, Zo’o Zo’o Georges of Ando’o, Mbang Akong Blanchard of Mbo’oabang 1, Ako’o Pierrot of Mboabang 2 and Bengono Georges of Nguet. Preparations are proceeding in good spirits and jubilation. Everyone is hard at work preparing the stories they will tell and the dishes they will present at the culinary arts competition.

This enthusiasm shows that the “Evening in the Village” initiative is achieving its goal of reconciling people with their culture.

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