Evening in the village : Nguet under the sign of dynamism and intergenerational dialogue.

This Saturday, February 10, 2024, the Evening in the village initiative was in Nguet. And to say the least, the show lived up to expectations.

The delegation from The Belinga Foundation was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in front of the chieftaincy’s palaver hut (Aba). The courtyard was already packed with people and everything was ready for the start of the evening.

Once the evening was underway, the villagers, under the supervision of His Majesty Bengono Georges, Chief of Nguet, and Mbang Akong Blanchard, Chief of Mboabang 1, put on a show of talent and virtuosity.

3 traditional dance groups performed many dances including rare ones such as « Olamtchaa »

Some twenty exhibitors were registered at the mini fair. On this side, it’s mainly the « meya » (fishnets) and the « tan » (fishing nets for women used during dike fishing) that attracted attention. Finally, there was a demonstration of palm kernel oil production.

As for the culinary arts competition, the jury had to choose between fifteen contestants. Most of them presented dishes seen before, but a few, such as banana flower stew, were unknown to the public.

As the evening fell on the eve of the National Youth Day celebration, the elders seized the opportunity to give advice to the younger generation. Through a number of tales and proverbs, they talked to them about patience, discernment, the need to listen to and respect elders, and the need to be hardworking.

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