The Health Zero initiative returns to Nyengue.

The Health Zero initiative returns to Nyengue.

On February 6, 2023, almost a year ago, the Health Zero initiative made its debut in Nyengue. It will return this Wednesday, February 28. To ensure that this return to its roots is a complete success, teams from The Belinga Foundation have been on the field since the beginning of the month.

This trip is the fifth of the 2023/2024 financial year, and the tenth for the entire initiative. To date, thanks to the Health Zero initiative, almost a thousand people have benefited from free care and low-cost medicines. 

Following an already well-oiled routine, teams of volunteers from The Belinga Foundation are touring the villages concerned by this raid to raise awareness among the populations of the villages concerned by this raid, namely: Nkolowon, Nkolebengue, Atoui, ENDAM II, Mvangue and Nyengue. 

For the medical staff, the keystone of this initiative, the time has come to evaluate the stock of medicines and to draw up strategies for the success of the trip.

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