Sikolo Ane Mfi: Ato’oveng in the middle of Cameroon Youth Week!

Sikolo Ane Mfi: Ato’oveng in the middle of Cameroon Youth Week!

The Sikolo Ane Mfi initiative is going to Ato’oveng this Wednesday, February 7, 2024, a special date.

This date marks the first anniversary of the Sikolo Ane Mfi initiative. Indeed, it was on February 8 last year that the initiative was launched, after long months of reflection and study within The Belinga Foundation to find the right formula for promoting education.

In the space of 1 year, Sikolo A Ne Mfi (“Education is the key”) has made it possible to visit a dozen schools, often located on the outskirts of town, where they are sometimes forgotten by the events in the city center. Over a hundred students received awards in various fields,  parents and traditional authorities were encouraged to get involved in the day-to-day life of the schools.

Also on this day, the Ato’oveng’s outing falls in the middle of the Youth Week, a period devoted to promoting post- and extra-curricular activities. The Belinga Foundation will be joining forces with the authorities, teaching staff, parents and pupils to enhance one of the greatest initiatives for development: Education.

The raid will cover schools in the Mvi’i Nord sector, including Ngoulessaman, Ato’oveng and Mboabang elementary school.

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