Health Zero: the initiative achieves another success in Etondo.

This Wednesday, January 31, the Health Health Zero initiative carried out its first outing of the 2024 calendar year and the fourth of the 2023/2024 fiscal year in the Etondo village. And as usual, the populations responded massively.

At 8 a.m. sharp, the team of The Belinga Foundation, about twenty people strong, arrived at the premises of the chiefdom of Etondo, specially equipped for the occasion. And the consultation day did not end until around 6 p.m

A total of 78 patients (60 in modern medicine and 18 in traditional medicine) were registered to receive FREE CARE. This is a remarkable figure when you take into account the fact that Etondo village is located on the direct outskirts of the city center of Mengong and its multiple health centers.

This is an indication, if any were needed, that the locals have embraced the vision and model of healthcare by The Belinga Foundation. The populations appreciate it even more because it’s a first to combine both modern and traditional medicines. The two practices complement each other instead of fighting each other, working hand in hand for the greater good of patients.

The Etondo descent also led to the detection of the case of Bengono Leslie, an 11-year-old epileptic girl who requires immediate treatment.



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