“Evening in the village,” Adjab Yevol: discovering the history of the Yevol clan.

“Evening in the village,” Adjab Yevol: discovering the history of the Yevol clan.

On Thursday, January 25, the “Evening in the Village” initiative made a stopover in the village of Adjab Yevol.

The villages involved in the tour, the fifth of this fiscal year, were those belonging to the Yevol clan: Ke’eke, Nnemeyong I, Mboula, and Adjab.

The evening’s program included patrimonial dances, tales, and proverbs, a presentation of the Yevol clan’s genealogy, a crafts exhibition, and a culinary arts competition.

The evening began with storytelling: three storytellers took turns on the village square, illuminated by a huge campfire. They held the audience spellbound with tales from the rich Bulu repertoire, entertaining guests as well as teaching all. The tales were followed by proverbs in the Bulu language.

Then came the presentation of the Yevol genealogy, alongside a summary of their migrations. According to the story, the Yevols left Egypt at the same time as the Jews previously in captivity. They descended along the Nile and entered Cameroon from the extreme south-east border. They approached the sea in search of salt, where they resided, before being deported along the main road by the colonial authorities of the day.

The evening went on with a visit to the mini-exhibition of arts and craft, and of course, the culinary arts competition. On the menu, were some traditional Bulu delicacies: Mbom Kpwem (Cassava Leaf Cake) and Ebafon Minkot (Corn Cake).

The visit to the exhibition was followed by the awarding of prizes to the most deserving participants, just before the closing speech by His Majesty BIYA, chief of the village Adjab. He thanked The Belinga Foundation for its involvement in the resurrection of culture, before adding: “We urge you to keep up the momentum, while reassuring you of our unfailing support.” Know that our doors are now wide open to you; you are now at home here and don’t hesitate to come.”

The next edition of “Evening in the village” will take place Saturday, February 10, 2024 in the village of Nguet and will involve the Yembong clan of the Mvi’i Nord group.




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