“Health Zero”: Preparation updates on the descent in Etondo.

 “Health Zero”: Preparation updates on the descent in Etondo.

12 days to the next field work of the ” Health Zero” initiative, teams are tirelessly working to ensure that this descent will be a complete success. This will take place on january 31st 2024 in Etondo village, alongside Doungou, Endam I and Emanevam.

It is in this light that sensitisation campaigns had begun more than a week ago. As at now, the pasting fliers and door to door sensitisation are at their peak


Health personnels on their part has revisited the strategies they wish implement on the field during their weekly meetings. All this to guarantee a more efficient care of their patients.


Also, the stock of medication to be sold at low and affordable prices has been renewed. It is worth noting that these medications sold at low prices is the strength and particularity of the Health Zero initiative and the most appreciated aspect by the population.

This descent to take place on January 31 in Etondo concerns the latter and three other villages namely Doungou, Endam I and Emanemvam.

To date, the ” Health Zero” initiative has helped more than 30 underprivileged villages, served more than 900 persons with skills in modern and traditional medicine.

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