” Evenings in the village”, Nnemeyong III sets the bar high.

” Evenings in the village”, Nnemeyong III sets the bar high.

For its third outing, the caravan of the initiative Evenings in the village dropped its bags in Nnemeyong III this Thursday, January 11, 2024. We can say that the mobilization was strong and that the population of the villages of Nnemeyong III notably Mefiep and Enyeng came out at every stop of the caravan.

The large courtyard of the paramount chiefdom of FALE II in Nnemeyong III, came out in its finest outfit. This scene could probably be considered as the most beautiful evening in the village since this initiative was launched.

Indeed, apart from the usual activities (storytelling, games, gastronomic competitions and traditional dances) that we’ve seen everywhere else, this evening in the village was highlighted by the richness of works of art on display, notably the “Nneng Enong”, a long-forgotten musical instrument.

The exhibition of agricultural products, which showcased the very best in terms of products from the fields was a sight to behold

We can only congratulate the teams from The Belinga Foundation especially their Majesties Mengue Hermann Romeo and Essiane Essam (respectively paramount chief of FALE II and third-degree chief of the Nnemeyong III village) for their mobilization work.




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