“Sikolo Ane Mfi celebrates excellence in Ekouk

“Sikolo Ane Mfi celebrates excellence in Ekouk

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024, the Ekouk inclusive primary school hosted the fourth descent of the SiKOLO ANE MFI initiative for the account of the 2023-2024 school year.

138 pupils from three primary school (G.P.S Ekouk, G.P.S Nnemeyong I,G.P.S Nko’ovos) and two nursery schools (G.N.S Ekouk, G.N.S Nnemeyong I) which competed in traditional dances, arts , Bulu proverbs and riddles.

When it came to rewards at the primary school level, Government primary school Ekouk took the lion share, winning three out of six activities, amongst which traditional dance, Bulu proverbs and playback contest.

Mean time, in the nursery schools, it was Nnemeyong I nursery school that topped the list , winning three out of five challenges.

As is the custom of every field trip, the best pupil in the person of Ekotto Biwongo Virginie a class 4 student at Nnemeyong I primary school was awarded the first prize. A prize which was actually deserved given her average of 18.50/20 recorded during the first term of the 2023/2024 school year.

In line with the visit, teams from The Belinga Foundation donated office equipment to the district inspector of basic education.

The donation Worth about 300,000 FCFA, comprised a complete computer, two desktop printers and a voltage regulator.

This gifts are totally in line with The Belinga Foundation’s vision of sustainable development through quality education for all.



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