Village Evening: on the road to Nnemeyong III.

Village Evening: on the road to Nnemeyong III.

This Thursday, January 11, the “Village Evening” initiative will be in Nnemeyong III for its third descent of the 2023-2024 financial year, following the Education section’s descent on January 10, 2024. The Nnemeyong III area is mainly populated by the Esse clans of the FALE II paramount chiefdom, from the Enyeng and Mefiep villages.

With two days to go before this landmark event, preparations are almost complete. The campaign began with posters and door-to-door canvassing of future spectators, and ended with the team of volunteers appearing on Radio Nkul Ayong a local radio station.

As with all the Foundation’s activities, particular emphasis was placed on communication and awareness-raising. For, beyond the purely festive aspect of these gatherings, the aim of “Village Evening” is to promote local cultures to both local and foreign populations. It is therefore important to mobilize as many people as possible, and to demonstrate to them the benefits of culture, which can generate better socio-economic development.

In preparing this event, The Belinga Foundation’s teams benefited from the support of the host village’s traditional authorities, Their Majesties Mengue Hermann Romeo and Nguem (respectively, paramount chief of FALE II  and 3rd degree chief of the Nnemeyong III village). The latter spared no effort to ensure that this evening would have a greater impact than previous visits, with a view to promoting  the Esse culture.


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