#BiasoMengong2023. Launch press conference held on Tuesday in Ebolowa.

A press conference marking the official launch of the 2nd edition of the Bia so Mengong Festival was held this Tuesday, June 20 in the banqueting hall of the Hotel Ndancy in Ebolowa.

The program included a presentation of the festival, the introduction of some of last year’s winners to the press, the announcement of prospects for this year’s edition, and a question-and-answer session designed to shed light on any grey areas surrounding the festival.
At 10 a.m. sharp, Dania Ebongue, the day’s master of ceremonies, kicked off the press conference, which lasted a good 3 hours.
After a brief presentation of the Mengong district, Dania set the scene by introducing The Belinga Foundation, organizers of the festival.
Joseph Mfou’ou Samba, focal point of The Belinga Foundation, then read out the public event declaration receipt. Joseph Mfou’ou Samba then presented The Belinga Foundation’s achievements and philosophy in turn.
Following Joseph Mfou’ou Samba, Claye Atangana, in charge of the cultural side of the festival, will present the outlook for this year’s festival in a few figures.
For his part, Emmanuel Deschanel Eto’o, head of competitions for the Bia so Mengong festival, will begin by introducing last year’s winners. Each winner will have one minute to talk about himself and his feelings.
After an interlude which, as Dania Ebongue reminded us, was a foretaste of what the 15 days of the festival will be like, came the long-awaited question-and-answer session.
And the forty or so seasoned media men didn’t waste any time poking at the panel. At the heart of the journalists’ concerns were the accommodation capacity of the Mengong district, the financing of the festival and its sustainability.
The day ended with a snack.

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