#BiasoMengong2023 one week in the making.

With 4 weeks to go before the second edition of the Bia So Mengong festival kicks off, the teams at The Belinga Foundation, organizers of the festival, are well aware that every day counts and must be used wisely. And as this week draws to a close, they have once again demonstrated this. Communications have accelerated, construction of the hangars has begun and, above all, several strategic partnerships have been concluded, not forgetting the necessary administrative side.

On the communications front, on the one hand, the commercials continued to be broadcast, and on the other, the week was punctuated by media appearances by teams from The Belinga Foundation, who were received almost simultaneously on the sets of Glory FM (Ebolowa), CRTV-Sud (Ebolowa) Radio Nkul Ayong (Mengong) Radio Femmes (Mbalmayo). The week will end on a high note on the communications front, with Mr Stéphane Ebale, a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, appearing on the Sunday program Tam-tam weekend.

On the administration and documentation front, the various authorizations to organize the festival have been obtained. Invitations have been distributed, with the announcement of a distinguished guest for the closing ceremony in the person of the Governor of the South Region.

What would a great event be without great sponsors or partners? An impossibility. That’s why the festival team was delighted to receive a helping hand from Mr MINKOMA John Kennedy, a worthy son of our district, who offered to support the festival in the area of transport. He made available 3 buses to transport exhibitors and athletes during the two-week event. A gesture to be applauded, and one which we hope will encourage more and more of our district’s sons and daughters to join Bia So Mengong.

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