Health initiative zero rendez-vous in Nyengue for the fourth campaign day.

Heading for Nyengue in the Loum health area of the fourth day of the reduced cost medical care initiative launched by The Belinga Foundation.

The decision will have been taken at the end of the technical meeting that traditionally marks the end of each day of campaigning.

A decision that Mr Ella head of this health area will have greeted as a victory, promising to get to work now in order to make as many people as possible aware of this good news.
“More and more people are asking me why our health area is not receiving this campaign,” he said before finishing, “I will take the trouble to go door to door from Nkoletoto in order to call to order all those who were not able to take part in the campaign in Nnemeyong III.

Note that so far the exact date is yet to be determined, but that, aware of the importance of transmitting the information and the good news, the whole team has decided to be on the war footing to ensure that this day is a greater success.

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