Traditional authorities place the Health Zero initiative under the protection of the ancestors.

Reacting to the passage of the Health Zero caravan in their area, the chiefs of the villages of Mvi’i, Nkan and Nguet made a point of addressing to the staff of The Belinga Foundation and especially to its PCA a message of support and encouragement.

This beloved Health Zero initiative has been talked about again. And, as always, for the better. It will have particularly seduced the populations of this somewhat forgotten sector of the Mvi’i North II grouping. In all the mouths one will have heard only praises. At the head, the traditional chiefs who perhaps for once will have known how to make themselves the spokesmen of their constituents.
In a video message addressed directly to the PCA of The Belinga Foundation, they first congratulated him and the staff of the foundation for their punctuality, their professionalism and respect for the environment, We have been used to being announced such raids and that they do not take place,” they emphasize in their video before inviting the Foundation to return very quickly to the area of Mvi’i not only for health care but also for, as said by his majesty Essiane Louis, chief of the village of Mvi’i, “All these beautiful works it does elsewhere.
Closing the speech, the chief of the village of Nkan, who was also keen to offer a small buffet to the entire caravan team, placed all the Foundation’s projects under the protection of the ancestors, whose representatives they are.
“Since we were a bit in doubt, we did not prepare ourselves as we should. We hope that the initiative will come back here so that we can welcome you as it should be” they concluded.


Responding on behalf of the caravan he was leading and that of the Founder of The Belinga Foundation, Joseph Mfou’ou Samba, focal point of The Belinga Foundation for the Mengong district, once again explained the objectives of the foundation in general and those of the Health Zero initiative in particular before promising them a return to their area as soon as possible

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