Health Zero Initiative, home health, a dream come true for the people of Mvi’i village.

The populations of Mvi’i, Nguet, Nkan, three villages a little bit forgotten welcome with joy the arrival in their locality of the initiative of Health at reduced cost which came to light a glimmer of hope in a long night.

Lost in the middle of the equatorial forest somewhere on a bad road where the main means of locomotion is the motorcycle and served only by a nurse who resides in Ngoulessaman, the populations of the villages Mvi’i, Nguet and Nkan welcomed with relief the arrival of the caravan led by Joseph Mfou’ou Samba, head of the Health axis at The Belinga Foundation.

His Majesty Essiane Louis, chief of the village of Mvi’i, confided, “It is with envy and dismay that we have often heard of this initiative in other villages and we often hoped that it could be done here. And today the dream has become reality.

The inhabitants of the village have the same opinion: thanks and above all an invitation to The Belinga Foundation to increase the initiative from once a month to once a week and to come back soon in the area.
And this enthusiasm is also visible in the high attendance that reported to the total population of the three villages is more considerable. A total of 73 people have been examined and have benefited from various treatments. This brings the total number of people treated under the Health Zero initiative to 223 people in 3 days of campaign.

No less than 33 people were treated in modern medicine, including 4 cases of hernias (it should be noted that hernias are a particularly strong disease in this population where the only work force is human energy); 4 pregnant women who received a mosquito net in addition to the various treatments.
On the traditional medicine side, about fifty patients were consulted and treated (several people, after or before the modern medicine consultations, went for traditional medicine consultations).

The day was also the object of a small miracle that the populations did not fail to attribute to the arrival of the Health Zero initiative, the return of electricity which has been gone for almost two months.

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