Sikolo Ane Mfi Initiative, joy and strong emotions in Ngoulessaman.

It was a second memorable day for the education promotion initiative launched by The Belinga Foundation, which for this occasion made a stopover in Ngoulessaman.

The Sikolo ane Mfi initiative is slowly and surely making its way, spreading the good gospel of the new approach to education that associates parents, teachers and administrators. But especially a new approach that wants to unearth talents and values from the lower cycles of education in order to ensure a better future for said talents,and so for the entire community, according to the multiplier effect philosophy.

Thus, after Nyengue Yekombo, it was the village of Ngoulessaman that hosted this second day which was very well attended.
In contest, the elementary school of Ngoulessaman, Mboa’abang, Ato’oveng, Nkan as well as the nursery schools of Ngoulessaman and Ato’oveng.
On the agenda, as always, educational talks and exchanges between parents, teachers and school administrators. But also recreational activities, notably the “match des incollables”, poetry contest, Bulu proverb contest, modern and traditional dance contest, art contest, contest of the best computer scientist, contest of the best playback, athletics, soccer and handball tournaments between schools.


As always, the day ended with the awarding of prizes to the winners who did not fail to underline their gratitude to this rather original initiative.
The third day of the initiative, which will bring together 16 schools, is scheduled to take place on April 28 in Ke’eke village.

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