#BiaSoMengong 2023 preparations logbook day D-17: The ” village evenings” are ready.

Day by day, the festival structures take shape, revealing a glimpse of the final tableau. On the logistics front, construction of the hangars, podium and stadium stand is well underway. As for the activities themselves, we now have the final version of the village evenings.

With Claye Atangana at the helm, construction of the hangars to house the 200 or so exhibitors expected this year is in the final stages.
The same goes for the podium, which has been reconfigured to provide a little more space for the various artists. On the sporting side, the stadium grandstand, designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 VIPs, is more than 50% ready.
It’s worth noting that the work is being carried out with the support of the various villages, which have sent teams of volunteers to take part in the work.

It’s a good thing, you might say, when you find out what’s in store for the different villages as part of the “village evenings”. This year, 6 villages will have the honor of hosting these evenings: Ke’eke, Ebololebola, Ato’oveng, Abiete, Ngoulessaman and Nnemeyong. The program includes bonfires, storytelling, dancing, a raffia car-making competition and many other fun activities.

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