#Biasomengong2023 Festival logbook day 5 Wednesday, July 19, 2023.contemplation , radio and reading

Another busy day for the Festival, which continues to innovate. Even if the general atmosphere remains one of contemplation after yesterday’s tragedy.

In memory of young Onguene Ongono Sylvers (19), who died tragically during a soccer match, the Mireille Gracia Belinga fraternity soccer tournament has been suspended for the day. So no soccer.

The day begins with the first-ever live radio broadcast from Mengong.

For almost 3 hours, thanks to the trainees of the “Vacances radiophonique” program, the heart of the entire southern region beats in Mengong. The village chief, the exhibition curator, the focal point of The Belinga Foundation and several other prominent figures from the town are received on the podium transformed into a radio studio.

No sooner had our journalists turned on their heels than the mobile library specially chartered by the Ministry of Culture’s Director of Reading Development made its appearance.

After a timid start, the six-strong team managed to interest dozens of children who voraciously pounced on the comics.

The older ones were more interested in the plates presenting some of the great figures of Cameroonian literature. Such was the interest aroused that the mobile library left the plates in the care of Mr. Ango, coordinator of cultural activities for the Mengong district.

The evening concludes with a breathtaking show by local artists.

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