#BiaSoMengong2023 festival logbook. day 4: tuesday, july 18, 2023: Black Tuesday…

Just as everything was going smoothly and the festival was gradually getting on with its routine, the bereavement struck, catching all the people of Mengong off guard as they celebrated their festival.

But the day had started so well! Exhibitors were as plentiful as ever in the fair village. Young girls aspiring to become Miss were registering for the latecomers.

We were in the 5th and 6th matches of the day, when suddenly…after an aerial collision, young Onguene Ongono Sylvers, a player with Red Star de Nyengue, landed on his skull. The result was a fractured skull, leaving medical teams little time to come to his aid. Despite the swift response of the Red Cross and CMA teams, the 19-year-old succumbed a few minutes after his impact.

Immediately, the whole of The Belinga Foundation set to work, and in a press release the foundation’s top executive announced a series of measures to assist the family and above all to honor the memory of this young man who died in such tragic circumstances.

Payment of all costs relating to the mortuary.
Suspension of all other matches on July 18.
Tribute to the player at all remaining matches of the tournament as follows
*Wearing of the black armband.

*A moment’s silence in memory of the deceased at the start of each match.

* Printing and display of his effigy in all stadiums in his memory.

* The tournament trophy will bear his name.

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