#Biasomengong2023 festival logbook day 12 Wednesday, July 26, 2023: Football quarter-finals, marathon, Songo final and Culinary Arts.

An early start on Wednesday, a day packed with activities, including the marathon and the culinary arts competition, not forgetting the semi-finals and the Songo final.

It was just under 7 a.m. when the runners set off. Around a hundred runners in 3 categories – juniors, ladies and seniors – take part in the marathon under the close supervision of the Red Cross and the rest of the foundation’s teams. Marathon results are as follows

Men’s race

1st Endome Bindoung Fabrice

2nd Zoua Ekoto Arsène Pascal

3rd Oyono Raul


1st Okono Brinda

2nd Ngah Engozo’o Julie

3rd Ekemeyong Elisabeth


1st Zo’oyang Leonel

2nd Akamse Ella Martin

3rd Meka’a Mendo Jérémy

And as soon as you get back from the sporting action, it’s time to take a look at the songo tournament, where it’s the grand final. Nlate Paulin defeated Obounou Patrick in the final, while Ondja’a Patrice took 3rd place.

The footballers, for their part, are in the quarter-finals, with 4 matches on the program.

Etondo FC vs Mengong Yat at 9 a.m.

Deux zéro vs Racing de NKo’ovos at 11am

Vitalo de Loum vs Rocher de Yem at 1pm

Kpwatolo vs PASCEMMA at 3pm.

The four qualifiers for the semi-finals are Fc Mengong Yat, Deu zéros de Mengong, Rocher de Yem and Kpwatolo de Mekamemvom.

The day ends with the culinary arts competition, with the following results

1st Femmes dynamiques de Doungou Emanemvam
2nd Mrs Abenelang
3rd Association des femmes handicapées de Nnemeyong 3

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