#biasomengong2023 festival logbook : day 11 Tuesday, July 25, 2023 : The Festival catches its breath.

A lighter schedule for the 11th day of the festival.

On the soccer side, it’s a rest day before the start of the knockout matches.

During the day, only the fair continues to attract visitors, with a preference as always for the stand of Mr Mebenga Prosper, who has set up a still in the middle of the festival village, distilling odontol, a brandy obtained after distilling fermented palm wine. An hour spent there is enough time to take in the temperature of the festival. Over a glass of odontol or palm wine, you can catch up on all the latest festival gossip or all the exhibitors’ hassles. We learn who’s doing great business and who’s likely to win the Golden Palm for best festival exhibitor, at least according to the exhibitors themselves.

As for the bars, they’re never empty. Quite the contrary, in fact. At every turn, newcomers are arriving to talk about the festival.

If the foreigners, or rather the non-natives, are curious and even envious, the natives of the Mengong district are proud and not sparing with anecdotes about the festival, about The Belinga Foundation, organizer of the festival, and about Pr Steve Felix Belinga.

The day passes lazily until the evening and the artistic entertainment

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