#Biasomengong2023 festival logbook day 10, Monday 24 July 2023: A popular university to promote our folk dances

This second Monday of the festival is marked by one of the flagship activities of this second edition of the festival. Professors François Bingono Bingono and Joseph Owona Ntsama assisted by Madame Messina épouse Takana, a dancer and choreographer lead a debate on the impact of heritage dances on Bulu culture .

The most talked-about part of the show was undoubtedly that of dancer Messina, woman, wife, mother of children and professional dancer, who shared her experience with the audience. Her talk showed that there are many career opportunities in dance for everyone, especially young girls.

For his part, Professor François Bingono Bingono, surely the most eagerly awaited of the panelists, will remind us that heritage dances are, not only for the Bulu, but for all Black Africans, a means of communication, whether with the living, “emomilang”, or the beyond, “bekon”.

The conference will conclude with a question-and-answer session. Most questions will revolve around the promotion and popularization of our heritage dances, at least those accessible to all.

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