#biasomengong2023 festival logbook day 9 Sunday, July 23, 2023: “La voix de l’heure”” simply the best choir.

What a Festival! Every day is packed with activity, and there’s plenty to do.

As soon as you’ve woken up and recovered from the excitement of Ebolebola, you’re back on deck.

As always, soccer gets the ball rolling as the exhibitors set up shop. And the day passes without a moment’s boredom.

Whether in the stadium, where teams continue to battle for survival in the tournament, or in the exhibition village, the day passes unnoticed. And soon it’s dusk.

And like every evening, all eyes turn to the podium, although today the attraction is different. It’s the final of the choir competition.

8 choirs are competing,
La Chorale Zonale,
EPCO Koungoulou,
La Voix Céleste,
Chorale de l’heure, EPC Koungoulou,
St Jean de Mengong
Nkolowon parish.

Choirs are graded on 4 criteria: dress, choreography, singing and originality. Each choir has 20 minutes to demonstrate its talent.

In the end, the Voice of the Hour choir from Ebolowa took first place, ahead of EPCO Koungoulou.

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