#Biasomengong2023 festival logbook. Day 13 Thursday, July 27, 2023: Climbing Mount Doumi.

Day after day, despite a few bumps in the road, the festival goes on, thanks to the pugnacity of The Belinga Foundation teams.

Planned for the previous day, the ascent of Mount Doumi finally takes place today.

Fifty athletes set off from the esplanade of the Mengong town hall to cover the 6 km round trip to the top of Doumi rock.

The results were as follows.

In the men’s category

1st Obam Bekale

2nd Zambo Salomon

3rd Zoua Ekoto Arsène

In the ladies’ category, Okomo Brenda, decidedly an outstanding champion, once again took first place.

2nd AKOM Rabi

3rd Ngah Engozo’o

Junior category

1st Eboutou Ella Jacques

2nd Akamse Ella Martin

3rd MBA Cyril.

In soccer, the day was marked by the elimination of the previously imperious FC Mengong 2-0, whose legitimate ambition was to be crowned champions on home soil.

A variety of entertainment rounds off the eve of the end of the festival, with performances by artists Zoe Ella and Aimée Chouchou.

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