#Biasomengong2023 festival logbook Day 14 The Misses at the wake.

Without even realizing it, we’re on day 14 of the festival, 24 hours from the culmination of two weeks packed with activity

And we’re beginning to sense the beginnings of regret among the people, who are surely realizing that even good things come to an end.
Retailers are preparing accordingly. Trucks from brewery companies are arriving one after the other. If business has been brisk for two weeks, tomorrow promises to be even more prolific.

And the day began to fall as the 13 candidates vying for the Miss Mengong 2023 crown made their first appearance on the podium.

The contestants were dressed in traditional garb, dressed in street clothes, presented their projects and gave their campaign speeches, and it took all the skill of the three jurors to decide on the winning trio.

Miss Mengong: Okono Jackie Grâce

1st runner-up: Ngono Engozo’o Fanny

2nd runner-up: Nyangono Mendomo Salomé.


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