The Bia So Mengong 2023 Festival sets the tone.

With 93 days to go before the opening ceremony, the preparations have just been accelerated with the unveiling of the different communication supports , other gadgets and the setting up of the different events to be organized.

The communication team led by Mr. Dania Ebongue has unveiled will what polo shirts, caps, key chains, trophies, sashes of the Misses and many other gadgets for this second edition; look like. The organization team also had the opportunity to have a first glimpse of the advertising spot for urban radios.

As for the course of the festival, the organization team is working on the opening parade which will be inspired, according to what we have learned, from what is done in the most famous festivals (Rio, Mexico). It should be noted that this parade, as well as the conference debate or the ascent of Mount Doume, is one of the many innovations that will mark this second edition of the festival Bia So Mengong.

As for the stage performances, the organizers are also thinking about the different artists who could give brilliance to this festival, the different formulas that would allow us to have the best day after day without dead time. Another concern of the organizers is to find a popular figure to be the brand ambassador of the festival.

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