Evening in the village : Ndeng fully set for the 7th outing.

. The village of Ndeng, led by its chief, His Majesty Mendoua Ambroise, is preparing to host the 7th outing of the Evening in the village initiative.

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Scheduled for this Saturday, April 13, 2024, the outing concerns the Yembong villages of the Fale II paramount chieftncy, namely Ndeng, Loum, Banhop, Nkolowon and Melan.

As elsewhere, the program will revolve around cultural activities such as traditional dances and games, tales and proverbs, and above all the presentation of the genealogy and history of the various villages.

For the moment, the final touches are being made. Teams from The Belinga Foundation, hand in hand with the traditional authorities of the villages concerned, are beating the drum to ensure that this raid is also a success. Interestingly, this trip comes 90 days before the start of the Bia so Mengong festival. It can therefore rightly be considered as a first kick-off for the festival.


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