#Biasomengon2023preparations logbook D day-9: A maestro recruited to organize the opening parade.

Planned to be this year’s big innovation, the opening parade is now the focus of all discussions by the Bia so Mengong Festival organizing teams.

100 participants from fields as diverse as stilts, dance and even sports; a performance in several tableaux, executed in reasonable time without a hitch. This is the challenge that the parade poses for The Belinga Foundation teams.
The aim is to present something beautiful, unique and original, but also attractive and understandable to the average spectator.
To meet this exhilarating challenge, the Bia so Mengong Festival organization has not hesitated to go for the best in our country in terms of choreography and opening ceremony.

Maestro Rodriguez Tankoua, known for having organized several opening parades for the Cameroon Cup and university games, arrives in Mengong this Sunday, July 9, to begin preparations.

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