#Biasomengong2023: preparations logbook, Day D-4, all about safety.

The Belinga Foundation, organizer of the Bia So Mengong Festival, is working hand in hand with the security forces and health professionals to guarantee the safety of the bodies and property of all those associated with the festival.

Professor Steve Félix Belinga himself received assurances from Chief Warrant Officer Edang Edang that security and law and order would be maintained during the fortnight-long festival. “We’re ready,” reassured the commander of the Mengong gendarmerie brigade.
In addition to the security forces, volunteers from the National Youth Council of Cameroon (CNJC), headed by local president Julot Armel Sengane, will act as the first level of security response.
On the health front, the same assurances apply. Mr Akono, local head of the Red Cross, reassures us, “The teams have been formed, and everyone is on the warpath”.
In anticipation of the increase in activities, notably the increase in the number of soccer teams, the rescue team’s budget has been doubled in order to meet the challenges as effectively as last year.

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