Health Zero” initiative kicks into high gear for 2nd campaign.

Preparations are going well for the second day of the Health Zero campaign.

With less than 24 hours to go before the second day of low-cost health care initiated by The Belinga Foundation and called Health Zero, the foundation’s teams are working hard to ensure that this second day will be an even greater success than the first.

The highlight of this preparation is undoubtedly the preparatory meeting held on February 14, which coincided with the sectoral meeting of the HEALTH axis. During this meeting, the final location of the second day of the campaign was fixed.

Indeed, if we already knew that it is the village Nnnemeyong III, home to the second level chiefdom FALE II, which hosted the campaign, the debate persisted as to the choice between the premises of the third level chiefdom of the said village and the premises of the paramount chiefdom. It should be noted that it was finally decided that the health care team would be installed in the premises of the integrated health center of Nnemeyong III, which adjoins the 2nd level chiefdom.

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