Health Zero Initiative, the population responds massively to the call.

Record attendance for the second day of the Health Zero campaign.

This Monday, February 27, 2023, the Health Zero initiative, the new approach of The Belinga Foundation in terms of HEALTH, was on its second day and the population massively responded to the call of the foundation.
85 patients treated in so-called modern medicine, 24 in traditional medicine, that is to say 109 patients treated for this second day for a total of 153 patients treated over the two days. This figure shows that after a timid start, the initiative has visibly found its cruising speed.


The multiplier effect has been achieved

For some, the figure of 153 patients in two days may seem insignificant. But this is only if we forget the fact that these 153 people are mostly recruited among the most disadvantaged segments of the population, those who most often cannot afford care. Indeed, by reducing the price of services and medicines by nearly 80% and by bringing care closer to the patients, the Foundation has succeeded in implementing the multiplier effect in the HEALTH sector.

Focus on Day 3

As it has become a tradition, at the end of this second day of campaigning, the whole team met to discuss future challenges and to decide, among other things, on the location of the next raid.

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